Unit 1A - Ourselves

Unit 1B - Growing Plants

Unit 1C - Sorting and Using Materials







Unit 1D - Light and Dark

  Unit 1E - Pushes and Pulls

Unit 1F - Sound and Hearing

Unit 2A - Health and Growth

Unit 2B - Plants and Animals in the Local Environment

Unit 2C - Variation

  Unit 2D - Grouping and Changing Materials

 Unit 2E - Forces and Movement

Unit 2F - Using Electricity

Unit 3A - Teeth and Eating

Unit 3B - Helping Plants Grow Well

Unit 3C - Characteristics of Materials

Unit 3D - Rocks and Soils

Unit 3E - Magnets and Springs

Unit 3F - Light and Shadows


Unit 4A - Moving and Growing

Unit 4B - Habitats

Unit 4C - Keeping Warm


Unit 4D - Solids and Liquids

Unit 4E - Friction

Unit 4F - Circuits and Conductors


Unit 5A - Keeping Healthy

  Unit 5B - Life Cycles

Unit 5C - Gases Around Us


Unit 5D - Changing State

Unit 5E - Earth, Sun and Moon

 Unit 5F - Changing Sounds


 Unit 6C - More about Dissolving

Unit 6E - Forces in Action

Unit 6G - Changing Circuits



Year 3 End of Year Science Test

Year 3 Science Test Mark Scheme

Year 4 End of Year Science Test

Year 4 Science Test Mark Scheme

Year 5 End of Year Science Test

Year 5 Science Test Mark Scheme


Science Area - Dual Language Sign